My Wife Doesn’t Give Me The Love I Deserve!

Seth Adam Smith

My wife doesn’t give me the the love I deserve.

About a year and a half into our marriage, I was struggling with an intense feeling of bitterness. Marriage wasn’t what I had anticipated. It wasn’t anything like the pretty photographs and romantic movies I had seen—it was hard work.

Engagement PhotoI felt resentful, robbed of romance. This resentment fueled my depression, and in my bitterness I foolishly blamed Kim.

My wife doesn’t give me the love I deserve! I thought to myself.

Within a few short months, my bitterness had had grown to such an intensity, that it poisoned our relationship and threatened to destroy our marriage. Then, after the pressure had built up to where neither of us could stand it, emotions erupted. I was callous and resentful.

But instead of reciprocating my bitterness, Kim showed me an outpouring of love. Even though I had caused her tremendous pain…

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Pixar’s Rules For Storytelling #1: Finding Ideas

Jon Negroni

You may recall Bloop Animation as the group who put together the video for my post, The Pixar Theory. Recently, they’ve been delving even deeper into what makes Pixar, well, Pixar with a new series about storytelling. The video is below, along with a transcribed version.

(The following is a transcript of a video written by Dean Movshovitz and based on The 22 rules of storytelling by Emma Coats):

Choosing an idea is all about finding the essence of your story. Most good stories revolve around watching a character struggle outside of their comfort zone.

We love watching characters have their polar opposites thrown at them.

A rat who wants to be a chef? Think about that idea for a moment. What could be worse for a rat than to have a passion for cooking? To dream to be a chef in a gourmet French restaurant?

Like most storytelling rules, this one…

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[LE POINT.FR] Interview: quand le cuistre BHL se la raconte après son humiliation tunisienne

Allain Jules

bhl5_01C’est le bouquet final. Dans une daube intitulée “EXCLUSIF. La vérité sur le voyage de BHL en Tunisie !”, Le Point proclame que Botul l’imposteur ne mâche pas ses mots. Il n’était pas à Tunis à l’invitation des islamistes, ni comme « agent sioniste », et n’a pas été expulsé du pays…C’est BHL qui s’interroge lui-même et répond ensuite à ses propres questions. Il fait partie du et cette interview n’a aucune crédibilité. Dans sa débilité. Dans ses mensonges. Dans ses insultes. Dans tout. Le cuistre parle même de complot. Un régal pour vos zygomatiques.

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BURKINA FASO. Audio: Lieutenant-colonel Zida Isaac : « le pouvoir ne nous intéresse pas »

Allain Jules

Lieutenant-colonel Zida Isaac Lieutenant-colonel Zida Isaac

Avec les militaires, c’est toujours le même discours, de Ouagadougou à Abidjan, en passant par Djamena où ailleurs en Afrique. “Nous sommes venus balayer la maison”, « le pouvoir ne nous intéresse pas », “nous n’allons pas nous accrocher au pouvoir”, etc. Dans un message du Lieutenant-colonel Zida Isaac lu par le Colonel Denise Auguste Barry -si, si Denise-, et non Denis, Zida affirme que le pouvoir ne l’intéresse pas. L’Union européenne a demandé au nouveau pouvoir burkinabè, de laisser le peuple manifester. Ici, nous parions que ces gens-là n’organiserons jamais, sous 90 jours, des élections présidentielles…

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You Are What You Tweet

The Waiting

Ever since I went back to work full-time in June, I have been both fully present and fully absent in the blogosphere. The Waiting has lived up to its name: it sits patiently waiting to receive my critical observations regarding Buzzfeed and cloth diapers, to which I do not give it a scrap. This blog’s Facebook page has similarly been sitting idle. This is what happens when you blog for real money. Since my job entails running all the social media for a bustling nonprofit, I don’t have much to give to my own projects at the end of the day.

Cue tiny violin. It’s rough getting paid, guys.


I have, however, been fairly active on the ol’ Twitter throughout my hiatus. If you can’t make time to observe the world in 140-character increments, you may as well unbutton your pants permanently.

I was looking through my own personal…

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