Same Page Team

By: Bernhard Isopp

I do not exaggerate when I say that the last four years have produced the most formative political experience of my life. I have always been mindful of politics, a fairly engaged armchair pundit and sometimes even a fully animated activist, but I have never followed the minutiae of any campaign so closely – or with such anxiety – as the spectacle of the last ten months. Nor have I been so politically unsettled than during the past four absurd years in Toronto. I assume that this is also the case for many Torontonians.

All in all, I was quite proud to tell people that I was from Toronto. While traveling internationally, people always heaped praise on our city about its safeness, cleanliness, friendliness, and cosmopolitanism. (Traveling domestically to say Vancouver or Montreal, garnered qualitatively different responses.) I, through acts of selective ignorance, only saw the best…

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