You Are What You Tweet

The Waiting

Ever since I went back to work full-time in June, I have been both fully present and fully absent in the blogosphere. The Waiting has lived up to its name: it sits patiently waiting to receive my critical observations regarding Buzzfeed and cloth diapers, to which I do not give it a scrap. This blog’s Facebook page has similarly been sitting idle. This is what happens when you blog for real money. Since my job entails running all the social media for a bustling nonprofit, I don’t have much to give to my own projects at the end of the day.

Cue tiny violin. It’s rough getting paid, guys.


I have, however, been fairly active on the ol’ Twitter throughout my hiatus. If you can’t make time to observe the world in 140-character increments, you may as well unbutton your pants permanently.

I was looking through my own personal…

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