Pixar’s Rules For Storytelling #1: Finding Ideas

Jon Negroni

You may recall Bloop Animation as the group who put together the video for my post, The Pixar Theory. Recently, they’ve been delving even deeper into what makes Pixar, well, Pixar with a new series about storytelling. The video is below, along with a transcribed version.

(The following is a transcript of a video written by Dean Movshovitz and based on The 22 rules of storytelling by Emma Coats):

Choosing an idea is all about finding the essence of your story. Most good stories revolve around watching a character struggle outside of their comfort zone.

We love watching characters have their polar opposites thrown at them.

A rat who wants to be a chef? Think about that idea for a moment. What could be worse for a rat than to have a passion for cooking? To dream to be a chef in a gourmet French restaurant?

Like most storytelling rules, this one…

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