BURKINA FASO. Audio: Lieutenant-colonel Zida Isaac : « le pouvoir ne nous intéresse pas »

Allain Jules

Lieutenant-colonel Zida Isaac Lieutenant-colonel Zida Isaac

Avec les militaires, c’est toujours le même discours, de Ouagadougou à Abidjan, en passant par Djamena où ailleurs en Afrique. “Nous sommes venus balayer la maison”, « le pouvoir ne nous intéresse pas », “nous n’allons pas nous accrocher au pouvoir”, etc. Dans un message du Lieutenant-colonel Zida Isaac lu par le Colonel Denise Auguste Barry -si, si Denise-, et non Denis, Zida affirme que le pouvoir ne l’intéresse pas. L’Union européenne a demandé au nouveau pouvoir burkinabè, de laisser le peuple manifester. Ici, nous parions que ces gens-là n’organiserons jamais, sous 90 jours, des élections présidentielles…

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Day Five of Not Letting Go: Let’s look at playoff highlights. Or a Tom Seaver no-hitter. I don’t care.


Not having any baseball between Thursday and Sunday was about eight different kinds of stupid. We need to bring back the old school Pacific Coast League that used to play 190-game schedules and only knock off for a couple of weeks on either side of Christmas. Put the Oakland Oaks, Hollywood Stars and Portland Beavers back on the field, give them a national TV contract and let us enjoy ourselves, OK?

Oh well. Probably not happening because The Man doesn’t want us to have nice things. In the meantime, all we can really do is relive the highlights of the playoffs:

Or, wait — we can watch Tom Seaver toss a no-hitter against the Cardinals in 1978. Yes, that’s what we should do:

[nbcsports_video src=//www.youtube.com/embed/zPI9i0_gq-E?list=PLi70flcQkwNseXKsic6UnGDL9e8O5HIvP width=620 height=349]

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You Are What You Tweet

The Waiting

Ever since I went back to work full-time in June, I have been both fully present and fully absent in the blogosphere. The Waiting has lived up to its name: it sits patiently waiting to receive my critical observations regarding Buzzfeed and cloth diapers, to which I do not give it a scrap. This blog’s Facebook page has similarly been sitting idle. This is what happens when you blog for real money. Since my job entails running all the social media for a bustling nonprofit, I don’t have much to give to my own projects at the end of the day.

Cue tiny violin. It’s rough getting paid, guys.


I have, however, been fairly active on the ol’ Twitter throughout my hiatus. If you can’t make time to observe the world in 140-character increments, you may as well unbutton your pants permanently.

I was looking through my own personal…

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What’s The Last Novel You Read?

101 Books

Today’s Monday Question is simple:

What’s the last novel you read?

I don’t have much to say on this one because you probably already know the answer if you read the blog daily.

Just last week, I reviewed The Confessions of Nat Turner. It’s a great novel if you don’t mind some clunky narration by William Styron. That’s the only drawback. Confessions is an intense and moving novel.

So what about you—what’s the last novel you read? Did you like it? And would you recommend it?

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Alan Trammell returns to the Tigers


From the Twitter feed of Tom Gage:

Trammell, of course, was Kirk Gibson’s bench coach in Arizona, and that house was so totally cleaned that you probably can’t find a trace of his existence at Chase Field. Before that Trammell was Lou Piniella’s bench coach in Chicago, but was passed over for the job when Piniella retired. And, of course, managed the Tigers as they rebuilt for three pretty horrible years before Jim Leyland took over. The guy has never been in a really fantastic situation, frankly.

So now he regroups in Detroit. Or gets activated to play shortstop if Jose Iglesias’ shins don’t…

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Every happiness that a man enjoys rests upon illusion (Schopenhauer)


Every happiness that a man enjoys, and almost every friendship that he cherishes, rest upon illusion; for, as a rule, with increase of knowledge they are bound to vanish. Nevertheless, here as elsewhere, a man should courageously pursue truth, and never weary of striving to settle accounts with himself and the world. No matter what happens to the right or to the left of him,—be it a chimaera or fancy that makes him happy, let him take heart and go on, with no fear of the desert which widens to his view. Of one thing only must he be quite certain: that under no circumstances will he discover any lack of worth in himself when the veil is raised; the sight of it would be the Gorgon that would kill him. Therefore, if he wants to remain undeceived, let him in his inmost being feel his own worth. For to…

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Ryan Vogelsong on staying with the Giants: “Whenever they get to me, they get to me”


Ryan Vogelsong resurrected his career in San Francisco and not surprisingly the 37-year-old free agent would love to re-sign with the Giants.

However, he’s also coming off back-to-back poor seasons in which he went 12-19 with a 4.62 ERA in 51 starts and Vogelsong had a 6.57 ERA in four playoff appearances this year.

And in talking to Andrew Baggarly of CSNBayArea.com, he seems to recognize that bringing him back won’t be an immediate priority for the Giants:

I mean, where else would I rather be? They got priorities to take care of before me and that’s fine. Whenever they get to me, they get to me.

Vogelsong was better this season than last season, but he can no longer be counted on as more than a back-of-the-rotation starter and the Giants may want to give Yusmeiro Petit a full-time crack at the rotation along with Madison Bumgarner, Tim Hudson…

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